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There is a war on masculinity...

Man wearing high heels

And it comes from many directions. Fake eyelashes and eyeliners for men. Rompers and onesies for adult males. Special chairs designed to stop men from spreading and taking up too much space. I could go on, but I won't.

While the idea of a powerful women gets celebrated in blockbuster movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, men get adverts that scold them for mansplaning or being toxic dicks.

Not here though… 

Masculine man who is confident of his own masculinity

At River Laurent, we know there is a hero inside every man, and real masculinity is vital to our species. Here we celebrate the spirit of independence, fearlessness, competitiveness, and leadership. We never want to see all those wonderful traits die away. Ever.

So we made it our mission to serve the most masculine subset of the male community, the daredevils and the unsung heroes of our time. Those that fashion their dreams on gritty sidewalks, chasing giant waves, or on top of rocky mountain peaks.

And those who dare break away from the cloying clutches of a feminization to reclaim their birthright of daring and adventurousness... 

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For them... we make luxurious, exclusive, blockchain-authenticated, limited edition clothes.

p. s.
IWe only use bio-degradable plastic and source from environmentally friendly suppliers. No animals or children are ever harmed in the making of our products.

So... go ahead, treat yourself. 
After all, we made it for you.

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